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Wedding Ceremony Flowers

As a tradition, wedding flowers can be traced back to virtually every continent and time period. Even during the Dark Ages, you'd be hard pressed to find a matrimonial celebration without fragrant blossoms.


Today's weddings are no different. Like the women before them, modern-day brides are apt to employ flowers on their big day. That's because beautiful flowers are symbolic of a couple's beautiful love.


If you want a bouquet that is as bright as your future, turn to Petals & Things Florists. We specialize in creating elegant and unique arrangements of wedding flowers.


Throughout our time in business, we've worked with countless brides. Each client approaches us with a unique vision for her wedding flowers in Cincinnati, OH. We make that vision a reality every time.


Make Your Big Day Special with Our Wedding Flowers


We have arranged flowers for proms, anniversaries, birthdays, and thank-you gifts. Each project is a fun adventure, but we might enjoy our work with brides-to-be the most.


If you have a unique vision for your wedding, trust our design team to make it happen. We work with every color you can imagine-from traditional whites to stately purples to bright yellows. Some of our favorite flowers to design with include:


  • Tulips
  • Sunflowers
  • Roses